Feel the love of nature at your fingertip
The romance of flowers is expressed through a fragrance… These bottle designs are based on the “oshibe” (stamen) and “meshibe” (style) of a flower.
Not only is it delightful as a portable item, the beautiful design makes it suitable for decorating your dressing table.
Made with natural Japanese magnolia wood, the feel of the curved shape and the smooth surface of the lacquer on your palm is a sensation that relaxes the soul. The shape also creates shadows on the surface of the lacquer, which further compliments the beauty of the glossy lacquered finish. An item that expresses the power and spirituality of nature, it is an exquisite accessory as well as a functional item.
The “Nuritate” coating technique is used to apply the lacquer, which is the same method used to coat authentic lacquer ware.
A spray mechanism is used to dispense the perfume which allows you to keep an eye on the remaining amount. We have used light weight aluminum for the inner metal coating, which balances the weight of the spray mechanism perfectly, for a convenient yet durable item.
Natural wood (magnolia), Natural lacquer
◇Diameter 29 mm x Height 90 mm ◇Weight: 44 grams
Spray mechanism:Metal (aluminum, brass)、Polyethylene、Glass Capacity: 1.2 ml
Natural wood (magnolia), Natural lacquer
◇Diameter 29 mm x Height 85 mm ◇Weight: 46 grams
Spray mechanism:Metal (aluminum, brass)、Polyethylene、Glass Capacity: 1.2 ml
Designer: Hisakazu Suzuki (Figurative Artist, Space Designer)
1958 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
1982 Graduated from Tama Art University.
1988 Independent figurative artist and space designer (Spazio Works Representative)
As an active artist, Suzuki currently exhibits various monuments and artworks across the country.
Surpassing the boundaries of the world of design, he continues to work in interior, environment and space design.
Recently, acting as a design advisor for local governments, Suzuki has announced several new product designs that aim to bring new life to techniques native to these regions. He is also a participant in the JAPAN BRAND Project and hosts several individual and group exhibitions.

2006 German Champion Cup (pictured) commissioned by the Goethe Institute for the 85th Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament. It will be presented to next year's winning team.
2008 Monument in front of Fujimino Station in Saitama Prefecture (Winner of closed competition)
Official Website : http://spazio-w.hp.infoseek.co.jp
Technical Collaboration: Tsubota Pearl Co., Ltd.
Established in 1952, Tsubota Pearl has created a variety of brilliantly designed items such as tobacco accessories and stationery. As distributors, we also import high quality products in our endeavor to provide goods that bring enjoyment and fulfillment to our customers.
Official Website : http://www.tsubotapearl.co.jp/

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