For those who seek authenticity
Keisho has all of the markings of an item created by a skilled craftsman.
Made of Japanese magnolia wood, its sharp angles exude masculinity. The techniques used to create Jubakos (tiered food boxes), a specialty of Echizen lacquer craftsmen, have been adopted to achieve a compact yet beautiful angled design. The “Honkataji” coating is used for the base coat, said to be the most robust coating for lacquer ware, while Japanese lacquer is used for the top coating. It is finished with the “Roiro” color, resulting in a gleaming surface. This coating procedure is repeated over 10 times. We have endeavored to make our bottle as compact and as functional as possible, so that you can carry the bottle in your suit pocket and enjoy your fragrance at anytime. The spray mechanism consists of 2 wooden parts and a concavo-convex metal fitting. First of its kind in Japan, this mechanism was developed with Tsubota Pearl Co., Ltd. and includes Tsubota's patented “spring roll-on type” mechanism. The design of this mechanism overcomes the disadvantages of evaporation, seen with the ordinary roll-ons, allowing efficient usage.
The container is also suitable for thicker liquids such as aromatherapy oils, so it perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing scent while on the go. There are 3 colors to choose from: Modern and luxurious “Black”, “Tame”; a color unique to lacquer, and the gorgeous “Kinnashiji” decorated with real gold.

Natural wood (magnolia), Natural lacquer
◇16mm x 16mm x 64 mm ◇Weight: 25 grams ◇Capacity : 1.1 ml
Spray mechanism : Metal (brass)、Polyethylene
Designer: Shinichi Yokono - shu uemura Cosmetics Packaging Technician
1971 Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1990 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School.
Technical Collaboration : Tsubota Pearl Co., Ltd.
Established in 1952, Tsubota Pearl has created a variety of brilliantly designed items such as tobacco accessories and stationery. As distributors, we also import high quality products in our endeavor to provide goods that bring enjoyment and fulfillment to our customers.
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