The Origin of “Shikkouki”
Lacquer compliments one's individual character. By placing “fragrances” in “lacquer”, we aim to compliment a person's individuality in the most beautiful way. This is what inspired the name “Shikkouki”, which literally means “lacquer fragrance ware”.

The Features of “Shikkouki”
Touched by Nature
The sections of the bottle which you touch are made of natural materials. Not only will you feel rejuvenated by the scent of your fragrance, we hope you will feel the energy of nature flowing into you when you touch the warm texture of the natural materials. We have used Japanese magnolia wood which has been coated with true lacquer by an Echizen lacquer craftsman.
Shape and Design
We want you to think of our bottles as accessories as well as functional items, so we offer you 2 distinct designs to choose from. First there is the “Oshibe” and “Meshibe” with soft lines that compliment the gloss of the lacquer and express the scent of nature. Second there is the “Keisho”, brimming with the art of traditional angled crafts, passed down through the 1500 years of Echizen lacquer ware history.

About the “Shikkouki” Logo and Mark
With the overall theme “Ai (Japanese for “love”) = I” in mind, we have used a mark that stimulates an image of a captivating world emerging from the scent flowing out of a glossy lacquer bottle and an English letter as the logo. It is an abstract mark that fuels the viewer's imagination.
In order to emphasize the “Lacquer = Japan” concept, calligraphy artist Nobuko Kawahara has written for us the Japanese “Shikkouki” logo. The connections and connotations of the mark and logo are designed to be appreciated together with the product.

Mark and Logo Design: Hisakazu Suzuki (Figurative Artist, Space Designer)
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