Since 1930, Yamakyu Japanware has been creating lacquer ware inspired by the “Ichi-go Ichi-e” concept, which states that every meeting is unique and thus priceless. We are driven by the desire to “help our customers meet their perfect lacquerware item”.
In recent years, developments in technology and changes in lifestyles have driven lacquer ware rapidly out of our everyday lives, and this traditional art of Japan is on the verge of being forgotten.
What we lacquer craftsmen must do is strive to understand these changes in contemporary culture and pass on the beauty of lacquer ware in a new and innovative form.
“Until now and from now. Commitment to quality and convenient usage. The beauty of tradition and the swiftness of modernity. Layering these and making them one.” “Kasane” is a brand that incorporates this concept.
“Kasane” (layering) signifies the layering or fusion that is distinctive in Japanese lacquer: the layering of wood and lacquer, the layering of colors, the fusion of skills involved in each process with the 1500 years of Echizen lacquer crafting history; the repeated usage of a lacquer item, and the custom of placing lacquered items on top of each other – literally “layering” them. As lifestyles evolve and the needs of consumers become more diverse, at Yamakyu Japanware we aim to understand the changes in the modern way of living while preserving and passing on the beauty and magnificence of lacquer ware.
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