We have outlined in a Q&A fact file important points to keep in mind when using “Shikkouki”
*Spray Atomizer : “Oshibe”, “Meshibe”
*Roll-on Atomizer : “Keisho”

〈 Spray Atomizer〉
When pouring liquids inside, pull out the pin and use a funnel to fill around 70 to 80 percent of the bottle.
If you pour in too much, some liquid may spill when putting the spray mechanism back on, or the bottle may break open due to the high pressure caused by excess content.

〈 Roll-on Atomizer 〉
Turn and pull put the ball head (see diagram) and pour the liquid in using a funnel. Fill about 80 percent of the bottle and secure the ball head tightly back into place. Shake 2 or 3 times before use. If the liquid accidentally comes in contact with the outside surface (the lacquered part) quickly wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Lacquer is generally a robust natural material, though using it with sharp or hard objects may scratch the surface, causing the lacquer to peel off. Also, dropping it from high places or placing heavy objects on top may cause the surface or wooden material to crack and break open.
If your atomizer breaks, chips or cracks, or if the lacquer peels off, please discontinue use and ask your vendor for details on how to repair your product. In addition to the above, please note the following:

: Do not expose to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
: Keep out of reach of children.
: Do not place near fire or spray towards naked flames.

The lacquer on the surface has natural oils in it, so wiping it with a soft cloth should clean away any dirt and polish the bottle. However, please avoid using cloths containing metallic or other hard materials as this may damage the surface. Also, the wooden parts may be damaged by prolonged exposure to water, so do not leave to soak. If the atomizer gets wet, quickly wipe and leave to dry.
If the spray mechanism becomes stiff, cleaning the inside of the mechanism by spraying out alcohol should fix the problem. If you have not used the atomizer for some time, the cologne may become hardened in the spray mechanism. In such cases clean the mechanism in the same way as described above. If liquid is not adequately being dispensed from the roll-on atomizer, shake the bottle 2 or 3 times before use.
We can insert names using the maki-e lacquer technique or by printing it onto the desired place on the product (at extra cost).
We can also create a custom made item in a different color or shape. Please feel free to contact us with your request.
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